Hospitals – General information

Health Service Areas

All public hospitals in Westen Australia have been assigned to one of the three metropolitan health services, or one of the seven WA Country health services (regional, district & small hospitals). These are:

Metropolitan Health Services
– East Metropolitan Health Service (EMHS)
– North Metropolitan Health Service (NMHS)
– South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS)

WA Country regions
– Goldfields health
– Great Southern health
– Kimberley health
– Midwest health
– Pilbara health
– Wheatbelt health
– South West health

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Public and private hospitals

In Western Australia there are three kinds of hospitals:
– Public hospitals managed by the WA Health and owned by the State Government
– Private hospitals managed and owned by private companies or organisations
– Public hospitals run in partnership with private organisations

Public and private patients

Before being admitted to a hospital in Western Australia, you will be asked to confirm whether you wish to be treated as a public patient or a private patient:
– At a public hospital, you can choose to be treated as a public patient even if you have private health insurance
– At a public or private hospital, you choose to be a private patient. Even if you do not have private insurance, you may still choose to be treated as a private patient (be aware that your costs can be high)

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Some of the hospitals on our List offer boarding facilities:
– Perth Children’s Hospital: a family zone in each room for a parent with their child; Parent Accommodation Facility with double bed ensuite rooms
– South Perth Hospital: fold out beds for one parent with their child
– St John of God Hospitals in Bunbury, Geraldton, Midland (Private and Public), Mount Lawley, Murdoch and Subiaco: for boarders staying with a patient in a single room
– St John of God Hospitals Bunbury: South West Cancer Accommodation Centre for patients eligible for the PATS (*), or experiencing hardship
– Waikiki Private Hospital: boarding including meals

Due to health and safety reasons, the hospital may restrict the number of boarders permitted.

Fees apply but may be covered by your Health Insurance provider.

(*) Eligible WA country residents can request financial assistance from the Patient Assisted Travel Scheme (PATS), so they can more easily have access to a medical specialist service not available locally.