MVCS aims to guide people to relevant and practical information, in order to allow them to make better informed decisions, and to better prepare themselves.

The information guide below is compiled based on information from other care-, housing and social support services organisations.

– MVCS recognises that the information on its website could be incomplete or not up-to-date. Please notify us as soon as possible via our comments form on the Contact page if you think this may be the case
– MVCS does not accept responsibility for any information provided on the websites of other organisations
– MVCS wishes to urge Muslim patients and their families and carers to
understand and accept that health care providers may not always be able to
meet all their personal wishes


Organ and tissue donations – community awareness project
Australian Muslims’ awareness on organ and tissue donations
May 2024 – April 2025 insh’Allah (subject to grant approval from the Australian Organ and Tissue Authority)

General information (Health Services Areas, public and private hospitals, public and private patients, and boarding)
Communication (Telehealth, interpreters, cue & communication cards, alerting medical staff – Aishwarya’s CARE Call, and translated information)
– Legal context (will / testament, informed consent / goals of care, non-resuscitation declaration, euthanasia declaration, rights and responsibilities, complaints, and payments)
Religious practices (facilities, and professional guidance) (Maps)
Meals (daily meals, and fasting in Ramadan) (Maps)
Physical privacy (single rooms, patient’s clothing, and inter-gender contact)
– Medical care (accepting a physical donation)

Aged care
– Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT) in hospitals (Map)
– Geriatric care in hospitals (Map)
– Palliative care in hospitals (Map)

Future topics

Already on our agenda for future study insh’Allah are:

– National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) [maximum age 64 years]
– Aged care programs:
– At home [ages 65+]
– Flexible care (Restorative, Transitional, Respite) [mixed age criteria]
– At residential centres / nursing homes
– Medicines
– Palliative care (outside hospitals)
– Advance Care Planning
– Death

– Social / Public / Community housing
– Affordable housing
– Emergency accommodation

Social support:
– Zakat collection & distribution
– Mutual Insurance
– Interest-free loans