Objectives & strategy

Madina Village Community Services Ltd (MVCS) is a not-for-profit Australian Public Company (ABN 73 164 735 906) and aims to provide a variety of specialised services suitable for Muslims, and available to people of all religious, cultural and social-economic backgrounds. Our focus is primarily (but not solely) on the elderly and their families/carers.

Our services focus on three pillars:
– Care services
– Housing services
– Social support services

We have structured our current and (insh’Allah, God willing) future activities in different phases. This will help us to ensure MVCS can grow in a controlled and sustainable manner. Depending on the needs from the community, and risks & opportunities, these phases may eventually be executed in a different order, or may overlap.

Phase 1: Awareness (current)
– Creating better awareness within the Muslim community of the services provided by other local organisations
– Creating better awareness within local (non-Muslim) service providers and other organisations of the interests and needs of the Muslim community
– Identifying opportunities for the improvement of specific services

Phase 2: Home care & social support (future)
– Providing level 1-2 (basic & low) home care services at people’s homes (government or privately funded)
– Providing (access to) social activities

Phase 3: Small-scale accommodation (future)
– Providing small-scale affordable housing (for rent) at one or more locations for singles, couples and/or families, including affordable options

Phase 4: Integrated Precinct (future)
A large development:
– Providing various housing alternatives for singles, couples and families (for rent), including affordable options
– Providing level 1-4 (basic, low, intermediate & high) home care services (government or privately funded)
– Providing social activities
– Providing residential care services (government or privately funded)
– Providing specialised high care services at a secure clinic (government or privately funded)
– Providing spaces for halal businesses and not-for-profit organisations (for rent)
– Providing long term employment and volunteering opportunities

What does ‘suitable for Muslims’ mean?

MVCS acknowledges that we live in a society that doesn’t automatically follow many of Islam’s important values. MVCS wishes to respect and boost these values, and implement them in its current and future activities insh’Allah for the benefit of its clients, volunteers and employees:
– Respectful of, and aligned with Islamic legislation
– Providing halal food and drinks
– Respecting daily prayer needs and annual Islamic celebration days
– Modest clothing for all genders
– Respectful and ‘conservative’ inter-gender contact
– Providing family-inclusive options for those who have supporting families nearby, as well as community-based options for those who are in need of support
– Using halal / Islamic finance options


Madina Village Community Services Ltd (MVCS) was established in 2013. In the following year, MVCS was registered by the Australian Charities and Not for-profits Committee (ACNC) as a Charity, with the purposes ‘’Advancing religion’’ and being a ‘’Public Benevolent Institution’’ (PBI). Furthermore, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) endorsed MVCS with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status.

From 2013 into 2019, information and planning meetings were held with representatives from firms operating in the following industry sectors:
– Legal advisors (including Islamic Finance specialists)
– Islamic Finance lenders
– Home care services
– Aged care services
– Residential care services
– Not-for-profit housing
– Community services
– Architects
Our newsletters provided regular updates on different topics.

In 2014, the Western Australian Health Care Providers’ Handbook on Muslim Patients (First edition) was written and published with the help and guidance of certain individuals, as well as representatives from the Ethnic Communities Council of WA (ECCWA), Independent Living Centre (ILC), Armadale Health Service, Fiona Stanley Hospital, and the Muslim Women’s Support Centre of WA (MWSC). Hardcopies were sent to public and private hospitals, multicultural organisations, and Islamic organisations throughout Western Australia. A softcopy of the handbook can be downloaded here.

In 2014, the May issue of Islamic Finance News Magazine, the world’s Leading Islamic Finance News Provider, contained an article on the Madina Village project. The article was written to draw the attention of Islamic compliant investors to this potential “investment in social responsibility”.

In 2014, a study visit was made to Sydney and Melbourne to meet with representatives from the Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV), Ottoman Village Aged Care, the Australian Centre for Islamic Finance (AUSCIF), Islamic Finance lenders, and the Islamic Museum of Australia (IMA).

In 2014, another study visit was made to a multicultural residential care facility of the Humanitas Foundation in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Humanitas care model is based on ‘Apartments for Life’, which allows aging people to remain in their own home and receive appropriate care and support when their physical and mental condition changes.

From 2019 into 2023, various circumstances including the 2020-2022 COVID pandemic let to the decision by MVCS management team to temporarily suspend all activities.

In late 2023, MVCS management team decided that the time was right to restructure its strategy and restart its activities in 2024.

We sincerely wish to thank everyone who has helped us in achieving these steps.


The MVCS management team consists of:
– Gerhard Bakker (primary contact)
– Ighsaan Davids


The Madina Village project was nominated by the Independent Living Centre – Multicultural Aged Care Service (ILC-MACS) for the 2012 Multicultural Community Service Awards from the Western Australia Office of Multicultural Interests (OMI). The nomination was supported by recommendations from the Stirling Ethnic Aged Homes Association Inc (MYVISTA), and the Muslim Women’s Support Centre of WA (MWSC).

Our logo

In 2011, our logo of the multi-coloured palm tree was custom-designed by Peter Gould. For us, it symbolises our aims in many ways:
– representing a multicultural community
– providing medical benefits (for example, coconut water has sometimes been used as an intravenous fluid in emergency cases)
– being a source of foods and beverages, including our beloved dates
– being a source of construction materials for houses and furniture
– offering consolation to those in grief, and being beneficial for Muslims (as referred to in different Hadiths)